The Future

The Future

In February I left Buffer after working on every aspect of the app for over a year and a half (and documenting a lot of the interesting bits here along the way!). I’m immensely proud of everything that we achieved in that time, growing the service to half a million users and the company to 10 awesome team members whilst travelling! Buffer isn’t going away any time soon and I’m sure the companies future is very bright with Joel and Leo steering the ship - I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

So what now? I’m excited to say that I’m now building a new company to tackle the problems with remote working and distributed teams with a couple of awesome guys, Matt and Eric.

It’s a problem I’ve been thinking about ever since I stopped working in an office environment - how can you bring back the fun, spontaneity, and speed of communication of an office into the online world? It is a huge challenge, both technically and socially - we’re tackling the problem in a unique way and think we have a pretty great solution brewing

If you have any thoughts on distributed teams then please go ahead and leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear any experiences or problems that you might be facing.

Photo by Sam Howzit